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Got Questions? A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

Direct your interest via email or telephone. Review contact info on this page. Request a quotation for the aforementioned job. Once the price is agreed upon, following commencement payment, the next stage is a design brief. Here, the particulars are discussed, and timelines negotiated.

Payment for a job is done at two stages during the process.
After the quotation is approved a 50% deposit is made to commence the job. After the job is approved and before finished artwork (FAW) is sent out the 50% balance must be made. Payment can be made via cash or online deposit. Cheques can be accepted from established companies ONLY.

This depends on the status of the job at the time of cancellation.
The 50% deposit can be returned to the client if NO drafts or designs were sent for review. The payment cannot be returned if the draft was sent for review because the initial concept and intellectual property has been shared.

Communication with your designer is the key to a successful partnership.
Just a few words, maybe a sketch or choice of colour can point us in the right direction. This information can be shared at the design brief at the start of the project once the quotation is approved and payment options verified. We are here to work with our new clients and guide the process if required.

As much as you like, and within reason.
The design brief usually captures all the content needed. Edits can be grouped and sent via email. A brief discussion can help explain both sides of the project. In the end, expectations are met with the guidance of the designer.

There are a lot of factors involved in the final cost of a job.
These logos types lettermark, wordmark, brand mark or combination mark and their usage are cost differently. Logos are provided for both traditional and digital media, in stacked or unstacked versions and applicable in any colour mode.

Sure. Logos can be digitised and updated.
All that is needed after the quotation approval is a printed (hardcopy) or digital image (.jpg) file for vector digitisation. This package can include new stacked or unstacked logos and colour options for traditional or digital media.

No. Jobs are charged per project.
Some projects require more time than others. The final output and client satisfaction is more rewarding than time spent. Options and revisions are discussed with the client to ensure a fair exchange of services.

Yes, rushed design work incurs an additional cost.
Design work is quoted and the rushed service additional cost is shown on your quote before commencement. Rushed design work is any job that requires finished artwork (FAW), 24 hours after initial quotation approval.

No. Contractually a client pays for finished artwork (FAW) not editable files.
Editable files are the building blocks of every design. Sharing editable files to an untrained designer or client can have some serious issues when representing your brand.


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